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#118 - Grade 2 Crossbat Inception (2lb 11oz)

#118 - Grade 2 Crossbat Inception (2lb 11oz)

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Bat #118 is a Grade 2 Crossbat Inception with our standard profile for 2024, featuring a large profile and mild concaving. The duckbill toe helps maximise the middle size and maintain large edges.

Grade: 2
Weight: 2lb 11.1oz
Edge Size: 36mm

We have also provided a summary of the weights leading up to completion:

Shaped and sanded: 2lb 8.5oz
Binded: 2lb 9.4oz
Gripped: 2lb 10.9oz
Stickered: 2lb 11.1oz

All Crossbat Cricket bats come with thick handles and a premium chevron grip. This helps the pickup of the cricket bat, but does mean that the scale weight of these bats are a little higher.

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