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#Out002 - Grade 3 Crossbat Elegance (2lb 13oz)

#Out002 - Grade 3 Crossbat Elegance (2lb 13oz)

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Bat #Out002 is a Grade 3, handcrafted Crossbat cricket bat, made with our "Players" profile, featuring a large profile and no concaving. While the weight of this bat is on the heavier side, the pickup is great and feels much lighter than the figures suggest. 

Please note that this bat does have 2 small pressed cracks, clearly photo'd. This bat is sold as seen and carries no warranty.

Grade: 3
Weight: 2lb 13.9oz / 1302g
Edge Size: 35mm

All Crossbat Cricket bats come with thick handles and a premium chevron grip. This helps the pickup of the cricket bat, but does mean that the scale weight of these bats are a little higher.

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